Move - WASD / Arrow Keys

Pickup / Drop Box - J / Z

Lost in the tropics, a lone wanderer... Join Caesar the Monkey as he embarks on a quest to deliver sacrificial bananas to the Banana Overlord. Along the way are grueling puzzles and a seemingly infinite space... Will Caesar be able to reach the fabled Banana Temple, or will he become lost in the endless tropics?

Made in 48 hours for the BC Game Jam 2021.

*BC Game Jam 2021 Participant's Choice Winner!*


  • Benedict (SanadaYukimura) - Programmer
  • Ed Martin (Jyunaut) - Programmer, 2D Animator
  • John Vincent (KAKAAAAA) - Programmer
  • Herman (KybreX) - Gameplay Designer, Level Designer
  • Matthew ( - Music, Sound Effects


Monkey Mobius Standalone 24 MB


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Amazing game 10/10 would get a headache again